MICAH was established in Sausalito, CA in 1979.

We were the first company to develop CP/M (the precursor to MS-DOS and Windows) for the Cromemco line of Z80 computers and customize hard disk device drivers for them.

We also developed software to run Microsoft compilers and other software under CP/M. This gave rise to my thesis for a Ph. D. in Computer Science.

At about the same time, we customized and sold accounting packages and plotting software for the generic printers of the day.

In 1981, we formed Select Information Systems and created the Select Word Processor. The company went public in 1983.

After leaving Select, we created a forms-oriented application development environment, which was used for a variety of custom application for our customers.

Since then, we have worked at Sybase, Oracle, TRW Financial Systems, Network General/Network Associates, WildPackets, NetPredict, and the Technical Committee of the Department of Justice (in the anti-trust law suit against Microsoft) and other companies.

Our work since 2011 has focused on writing blogs and books, website development, database applications and expert witness jobs.

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